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Playground Litter bins – Keeping schools and playgrounds tidy!

Schools are exceptionally busy places filled with a large number of people. Unlike other public areas, they contain some of the untidiest people and produce a huge quantity of rubbish throughout the day.

Keeping the playground, college canteen or university campus clean and tidy is a difficult goal to achieve. Headteachers and Deans sometimes are forced to pay for large contractors to annually remove rubbish and supply enough litter bins and rubbish facilities to ensure the environment is kept litter-free.

Playground bins for all sizes

Furthermore, one of the major causes of littering at schools and other outdoor places is a lack of school playground litter bins. The temptation to throw litter on the floor can often be too strong if the journey to the litter bins is too far or long. In addition, playground bins filling up too quickly are also a cause for littering as people will continue to use the bin, even if it is overflowing, making a full litter bin nothing more than a pile of rubbish.

There are many types of litter bins available. Free-standing bins, wall-mounted bins, hooded top bins, opened topped bins and kids-related styles, for example, pencil-shaped litter bins are all just a few great suggestions of playground bins for schools.

Advantages of outdoor playground bins

  • There will be less rubbish on the floor indoors and outdoors at school
  • It will make the caretaker’s job easier
  • The school atmosphere and premises will be much cleaner inside and outside
  • The safety and health of students and staff will increase and improve
  • It encourages children or young adults to dispose of their litter
  • Educating the children on how to keep the environment clean is important, which will also result in reducing carbon footprint, pollution, and releasing toxic chemicals.

How to minimise littering

Nevertheless, you can ensure all litter goes in the waste bins and not on the floor. Encouraging people to use the litter bins provided is simple by considering 4 points.

  1. Promote recycling and anti-littering with posters and campaigns around the school or include talks in lessons and assemblies. Make them fun and interesting, so children and students are not bored and will retain the information
  2. You must double-check that you have the correct sized bins for the relevant locations therefore the wrong size of litter bins can still cause people to litter
  3. To manage effective litter control, It is key to locate the bins in the correct and suitable areas
  4. Making sure there are enough of them in populated areas is very important to minimise piles of rubbish

Playground litter bins are an essential product to have in your school. Therefore, equip your school to efficiently tackle waste with high-quality and affordable school playground litter bins from Tamstar Ltd.

We have a range of different shapes, colours and sizes of bins that will be able to meet your requirement. For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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