Smoking Shelters

Everything you need to know about Smoking Shelters UK

Do you have to provide an outdoor smoking shelter?

It is advisable to provide employees and visitors a designated smoking area which helps keep your premises clean and more importantly provides staff and customers protection from the weather as well as a solution that complies to the current UK smoking ban.

What type of shelter do we need?

We offer a range of cost effective budget to premium options from wall mounted canopies to curved and flat roof smoking shelters all complying to current UK legislation that states the shelter cannot have more than 50% enclosed area.

Tamstar provides an all in one solution our optional cigarette ashtray bins, benches and shelter stickers.

What material is the smoking shelter made from?

The framework is manufactured heavy duty galvanised steel (BSEN ISO 1461) as standard with an optional polyester powder coating providing an added durable colour finish. The glazing panels are clear Petg which are impact resistance and provide UV protection equivalent to clear plastic Perspex but stronger.

How far does the smoking shelter need to be from the building?

You should locate the free standing smoking shelter at least 1.5m away from the existing building in order to allow for the flow of air via all sides of the shelter.

Is it easy to install?

The Ideal mounting surface for the ground fixing anchor bolts is solid concrete, solid concrete pads or in some cases Tarmac.

Our shelter products come flat pack with easy to follow assembly instructions for 2 persons allowing an average fixing time of approximately 5 hours.

The ideal mounting surface for the ground fixing anchor bolts is a solid concrete base 150-200mm deep, concrete pocket pad foundations and in some cases Tarmac although this is not ideal due to the brittle nature of Tarmac.

If necessary, we can offer a complete professional on site assembly & installation service using one of our experienced sub contractors

What organisations do you supply to?

Our portfolio of customers and successful projects include the following:

Manufacturing sites, Industrial units, Distribution centres, Warehouses, Business offices, Call centres, Councils, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, NHS, Nursing homes, Pubs, Windpower farms, Shipping ports, Contractors, Construction, Landscaping.