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Cigarette Bins & Ashtrays

In the UK It is considered an offence to drop your cigarette litter in public which could lead to you possibly going to court and an on the spot fine of up to £1000.

Cigarette butts are a unique type of litter – small, smelly, on fire and sadly very commonly found  on the ground. Even smokers don’t like them much, and together these little butts add up to a very big problem.

Why do you need Cigarette Bins?

Cigarette litter is the number one littered item in the country accounting for more than 70% of streets being affected by smoking litter, with busy spots like high streets or transport hubs having even more of a problem. To tackle this on going issue the Keep Britain Tidy innovation team are targeting hot spots with intervention Smoking Zones and the new Bin the Butt campaign.

When smokers emerge from a long train journey, a busy shopping centre or an office, many want to start smoking quickly. But without well-designed facilities for smokers or disposal units, these areas can become littered with butts.

However in contrast, well equipped smoking shelters and areas have seen litter be reduced by up to 89%.

The team will organise and lead a smoking litter forum including the tobacco industry, Government local authorities and others, working together to develop effective solutions. Also working with Defra to develop an awareness campaign to challenge smokers’ attitudes.

Tamstar – our products and services

Our range of floor and wall mounted cigarette bins and litter disposable units are a safe and clean way of reducing the amount of cigarette litter on your premises and for your designated smoking area.

It also helps prevent staff & members of the public littering near your site and avoiding unnecessary fines.

Manufactured from high grade durable mild and stainless steel, each ashtray is lockable with an internal compartment box for ease of emptying and security. We also supply multi use litter bins for general litter complete with an on top disposal ashtray unit. All options are ideal as an added smoking shelter or vaping shelter accessory.

If you’d like more information on our cigarette bins & ashtrays, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our Bury based team either through phone or email.

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