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Both smoking and vaping shelters are now necessary due to the smoking ban. This ban came into effect in Scotland on 26 March 2006, in Wales on 2 April 2007, in Northern Ireland on 30 April 2007 and in England on 1 July 2007. The legislation was cited as an example of good regulation which has had a favourable impact on the UK economy by the Department of Business Innovation and Skills.

A review of the impact of smoke-free legislation carried out by the Department of Health concluded that there was no clear adverse impact on the hospitality industry despite initial criticism from some voices within the pub trade.

Why do you need Smoking & Vaping Shelters?

  • Smoking shelters Bury

Due to the smoking ban in buildings, there is a need for smoking areas and shelters for people to satisfy their habit. With the introduction of shelters, non-smokers have been able to distance themselves and there has been an overall reduction in smoke fumes in public areas.  Shelters also smokers a safe place to hang out without any concerns and complains.

  • Vaping shelters Bury

There are millions of vapers in the UK, attempting to not smoke cigarettes. It is said that vapers should not use smoking shelters and should have their own separate vaping area. This is so they are not tempted to start smoking again. Also, the rise of vapers has lead to a rise in designated vaping shelters/areas allowing separation between the smokers and vapers.

Where should my Smoking & Vaping Shelters be?

To have the employees in a safe proximity to the place of employment it would be a suggestion to place the shelter on either a flat solid concrete area or a tarmac surface and at least 1.5 meters away from the building or any entrances

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