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Smoking Shelter Accessories

Looking for smoking shelter accessories? We supply a range of quality optional extras to compliment the smoking shelter products  we offer which include wall and floor mountable cigarette bin ashtrays, smoking area signs,  litter bins, maintenance free recycled profile and steel benches.

Why are Smoking shelter accessories important?

  • Cigarette ashtrays and litter bins help to keep your designated smoking area clean, improve safety and reduce litter from surrounding areas on your site
  • Smoking area signs offer a visible indication to staff and more importantly visitors that there is a safe area on site that can be used for smoking
  • Floor and wall mountable seats offer an alternative to people standing in particular if they usually stand during work hours and so giving them a break.

Choosing serviceable and robust accessories for your smoking areas means less clean up time. But, more importantly a great smoking area shows you care about the welfare of your employees.

Buy Smoking Shelter Products online

Tamstar Smoking Shelters offer a wide variety of smoking shelter accessories to accompany our Smoking Shelter product range. Choose from multiple seating options, either frame mounted or free standing all available. Plus, other accessories like litter bins, cigarette bins and ashtrays for clean disposal of cigarette ends and litter.

Our smoking shelter accessory options are usually standard stock items and delivery is usually within 5 days. In most cases items are delivered with your shelter order

If you have any queries regarding which optional extras may work best for you or have any specific requirements then one of our experienced sales team would be more than happy to assist in answering your questions or even offer a solution that may better suit your needs

Smoking Shelter Accessories Delivered anywhere in the UK

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