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The importance of safety barriers

Safety barriers are an important safety equipment that are used for different purposes, but they are mostly seen on roads to protect vehicles and pedestrians. However, there are many other places you can place barriers. And, here are a few examples are:

Warehouse Barriers: It is important to include barriers in warehouses because it helps the workers know the correct directions and keeps a simple layout for the inside of the warehouse.

Different types of warehouse barriers

  • Impact protection barriers
  • Safety bollard and racking protectors
  • Hoop barriers

Retail and Maintenance Barriers: It is key for retailers to have barriers in place. This is because it keeps customers safe from any spillages that may occur or if there are any closed off/restricted areas that are under maintenance.

Different types of retail and maintenance barriers

  • No entry barrier
  • Four/three-panel system barrier
  • Elevator guard barrier

Road Barriers: It is vital for any roads or paths that may have potential hazards or roadworks to be surrounded by suitable barriers.

Different types of road barriers

  • Protection barriers
  • Segregation barriers
  • Traffic barriers
  • Pedestrian barriers

Road Safety Barriers UK

This type of safety barrier is most popular and provides security and safety to vehicle traffic or pedestrians from any potential dangers or hazard, they are normally secured into the grounds as a guard/bollard or can be an option to have removable stands. Also, they are highly visible so that they can be easily seen.

The benefits of safety barriers

  • An increase in safety: These barriers increase the level of safety on any roads or motorways. They reduce the cases of accidents by preventing vehicles to go in the opposite lane.
  • Minimal maintenance: Choose barriers that are strong and durable, that will last many years, and therefore become more cost-effective.
  • Helps drivers: A good use of a barrier system will help vehicle drivers. This is because it alerts drivers of any potential incoming pedestrians or other possible hazards.
  • Separation: Safety barriers are useful because they can separate any public passing zones and workplace.
  • A decrease in traffic: Placing safety barriers can reduce traffic and congestion by helping drivers know what directions to drive, if there are any road works happening. It is also useful by separating vehicles to reduce congestions on the roads, resulting in fewer traffic jams.
  • Wind resistant: If placed outside, most safety barriers can withstand different classes of wind speeds as well as strong feet to help stand the barrier.

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