Quality Site Safety & Security Products For Your Workplace

Why do I need to consider site safety?

We have realised the importance of our customers buying good quality site safety products that will help to maintain a safe and secure premises.

These products include salt grit bins, security bollards, safety barriers, safety steps which can be suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial use.

Through regular discussions with facilities managers and H&S officers from various organisations, we have successfully supplied to the following industries:
  • manufacturing sites
  • construction sites
  • industrial units
  • distribution centres
  • warehousing

More importantly the products have been carefully selected from experienced UK manufacturers ensuring they have been trailed and tested to meet the necessary compliant safety and security standards.

It is an employer’s responsibility to ensure the safe welfare of both visitors and employees by providing the necessary products that can pose a risk to health and safety.

Benefits of site security bollards and barriers

Security bollards are vertical posts made of iron, cement, stainless steel or recycled plastic and can be mainly seen on streets, near office buildings, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, stadiums, shopping malls and colleges.

These range from removable, retractable and the more popular permanent ones available in various designs and colours.

The main purpose of installing bollards is to provide safety to pedestrians and visitors and also security from intruders trying to break into buildings example industrial units.

In addition to:

Aside from fending off unwanted visitors, the bollards can also serve as parking posts and can block off vehicles that might ram into the building directly whether by accident or not.

Most importantly posts or fence barriers must have a high impact resistant rating.

How can bollards be installed?

Fixed bollards or fence barrier posts are normally buried below ground using concrete or epoxy and are installed by a trained professional or specialist groundworks contractor.

Tamstar – Based in Bury

Here at Tamstar, we stock a huge range of site safety products and we also offer nationwide delivery. So if you are looking for a grit bin or bollards sooner rather than later, we can help!

Our Bury based team are contactable through the website, email or phone, so don’t hesitate, get in contact with us today for any more information on any of the products that we provide.

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