Cycle Storage

Pedalling to work every day is a great way to energise your leg muscles, beat the stress, and save the environment, all in one single ride! Cycling is an excellent low impact exercise form that serves body fitness purposes and is a sustainable means of transport. Cycling is not only for adults, but equally great for kids who find pedalling more exciting than riding to school in cars.

Would you believe that the widespread practice of cycling has a bearing on the economics of a country? Reduced dependence on fossil fuel-intensive road transport reduces traffic congestion and road casualties, improves public health, and as a result, increases the overall workforce productivity. Further, reduced pollution levels reduce the state expenditure required to maintain ecological balance and fossil fuel supplies.

Despite these deep-reaching personal and public benefits of cycling, only 3% of UK children cycle to school. In 2018-2019, only 11% of the adult population in England cycled once a week. Segregated cycle paths and safer roads are the common factors that influence people to cycle more often. This apart, conveniently positioned cycle storage for secure parking at workplaces or in school will induce people to pedal more often.

What is the most efficient way to store bicycles?

If you have access to secure cycle storage roll your bike into freestanding racks or floor stands. In a cramped space, install sturdy wall hooks or mounts to keep the vehicle safe and away from the ground. No space on the wall either? Get a simple pulley to lift the bike to the ceiling for safekeeping.

Now, this was all about cycle storage in private residential property.

What do you do when your employees pedal to work? Or, when the kids ride their bicycle to school? You’d have to provide secure cycle storage options on the premises to encourage them to continue with the eco-friendly transport. Here are the various bike parking options you have:

  • ‘Sheffield’ stands are inverted U-shaped cycle parking that supports the whole bike. As the most common form of public cycle storage in the UK, these are low cost, long-lasting, and low maintenance solutions.
  • For limited space, semi-vertical racks make suitable cycle storage.
  • Two-tier racks allow bike storage on two different levels – upper and lower, using space efficiently.
  • Individual bike lockers and designer cycle stands have high aesthetic value but are not space-saving solutions.

Building a secure facility to store multiple bicycles may seem like a major logistical issue, but Tamstar cycle storage products can ease the problem. Contact us today to know more about our offerings!

Is the bike storage sheds easy to build?

In general, prefabricated cycle storage in the UK allows easy on-site installation. You can also get a customised cycle storage that meets your specifications for layout, capacity, cladding types, and access control.

Two competent personnel, equipped with requisite tools, can put up cycle storage within 6-hours, provided the ground is already prepared for the installation.

The process involves bolting down the modules on concrete ground to ensure that the cycle storage is secure enough to shelter parked bicycles. If the intended location is a pavement or tarmac, use concrete slabs to secure the base of the cycle storage tightly to the ground to ensure that its weight and capacity gets adequate support.

At Tamstar, we offer safe and cost-effective solutions for cycle storage in the UK with our comprehensive range of high-quality bike sheds and shelters, cycle and scooter stands, lockable compounds, cycle shelters for primary schools, etc. You can get these easily installed on-site. All our products comply with Standards For Public Cycle Parking issued by BPSA (Bike Parking and Security Association), so you don’t have to worry about compliance issues.

How many cycles can I get into the cycle storage shed?

Capacity permitting, a cycle storage shed can accommodate a single unit to 200+ bicycles. At Tamstar, we are committed to offering modular cycle storage solutions according to the clients’ specifications.

Need to provide secure cycle storage for 10 to 100+ bikes? Worry not! Our extensive experience working with clients like schools, colleges, and universities, allowed us to build a track record of customising cycle storage in the UK to suit medium to very large project requirements. Moreover, the modular design of our cycle storage solutions allows you to extend their capacity to accommodate more bikes if the need arises.

How secure are the cycle storage sheds?

Durability and aesthetics apart, cycle storage need to provide adequate security to the bike with the correct locking facility. Designed as open structures in most cases, cycle storage in the UK is not suitable for overnight parking. However, these offer a safe and designated space to station your bike during the day, be it your place of work or any other community space.

Most cycle shelters in primary schools, other educational institutions, or public spaces have a rooftop that protects the bikes from the weather elements, besides preventing cycle theft. Further, our secure cycle compounds prevent unsolicited entry with duly locked entry gates.

Each Tamstar cycle storage product is built to last, using galvanised steel. These are available in a wide choice of colour coatings for heightened aesthetic appeal. We use Perspex PETG glazing panels to ensure resistance to the weather and stability against UV rays.

How are Tamstar’s cycle storage sheds delivered?

Tamstar’s cycle storage in the UK is delivered as a flat pack on a pallet. Please keep in mind that delivering and offloading this package will require sufficient access area and storage space at your site.

Do you build the cycle storage shed on-site?

Yes, at Tamstar, we can help you build the cycle storage shed on-site in most UK locations, with one of the experienced installation contractors associated with us.

How do you store a lot of bicycles?

To store a lot of bicycles systematically, there is nothing like a semi-open cycle storage unit or a secure cycle storage compound.

How much space do you need to store 5 bikes?

To accommodate 5-standard adult bikes, you’ll need space that is 43″-high and 71″-deep. These bikes can fit in a 59″-wide space if the pedals are overlapping and 90.5″ if they aren’t. If you plan to get a bike shed, you’d need a 6” X5” area to store 5-bikes.

So if you would like any more information on our cycle storage solutions, or any of the other products we provide, including bespoke shelters, site safety and park furniture, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team. We’re based in Bury, Lancashire.

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