What are the benefits of cycling?

Cycling offers tangible benefits for those who participate, but there are also wider benefits for society as a whole. Reducing the number of vehicles on the roads and encouraging people to cycle can overall dramatically cut down on carbon emissions and keep you healthy.

How can cycling facilities help children and schools?

With us all wanting our children to exercise as often as possible, cycling to school incorporates physical activity in to children’s daily routine and so improves their fitness levels. It’s also a crucial life skill, giving children an early road sense as they take their first steps towards independence and to an eco-friendly way of travelling

Statistics show only 2% of children cycle to school and most adults opt to either take their car or go by public transport, one of the reasons for this is due to the lack of safe and secure facilities available to them. The wide range of our cycle shelters help to solve the problem of having to lock your bikes to lampposts or fences and will keep your bikes dry in wet weather and more secure during the day.

What funding sources and grants are available?

Apart from parents, schools too can play a key role in encouraging children to cycle to school and by providing them with a cycle storage system. Primary and Secondary schools in England have been able to get large capital grants for developing an approved School Travel Plan. In other parts of the UK there are other funding sources for any schools wanting get on board.

A School Travel Plan can be linked into the curriculum in many ways, and help achieve Eco school status or healthy school awards. The School Travel Plan can be written by a relevant member of the school or you can ask your local authority School Travel Advisor for help.

What Cycle storage options are available?

Tamstar can provide you with a secure, safe and cost effective solution with our diverse range of UK manufactured quality cycle storage products that can easily form part of your surroundings. Our cycle shelters, bike shelters, bike sheds, cycle stands, scooter stands, lockable compounds and accessories are heavy duty and highly durable.

The products are manufactured from hot dipped galvanised steel as standard along with a wide choice of colour coatings. We are specialist for educational institutes which include Schools, Colleges and Universities, so whatever the size of your project we are confident in delivering an ideal long lasting solution which will suit your requirements.

So if you would like any more information on our cycle storage solutions, or any of the other products we provide, including bespoke shelters, site safety and park furniture, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team. We’re based in Bury, Lancashire.