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Why do you need cycle shelters?

Secure cycle parking is one of the main ways to convince people to cycle more and a very effective way to promote active travel reducing traffic particularly in congested city areas.

Cycle parking options can be a major investment so it is important to get the best advice to ensure it is the right option for you that will be used effectively. As well as this, you can further reduce the carbon footprint of your parking by choosing a shelter built with sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

Cycle shelters are a simple place where a bicycle can be securely parked. They are found in mostly schools, places of work e.g industrial sites and even at some public buildings.

Not only will your bike will be in a safe environment, it will also be protected from the weather, especially from rain, hail or snow.

The more cycle shelters there are, the more aware people will become and may want to choose cycling instead of driving. This is not only better for the environment but will help people to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Overall cycle shelters need to be strong, look aesthetically pleasing and be suitable for the amount of cycles that will use the bike shelter.

In general the shelter framework must be sturdy and durable providing protection from the elements. Our shelters come with a heavy duty galvanised steel frame a standard.

The impact glazing panels for the cycle shelters are generally clear so that your bicycle is visible, making it visibly safer for those who leave their bikes unattended.

What cycle shelters can Tamstar provide?

With years of experience we can provide you with a wide range of durable, cost-effective cycle shelters and stands that we hope will exceed your expectations.

We offer a variety of sizes, designs and colours and with guidance from the Tamstar team, we are confident you will be satisfied with the end result.

We also offer a free on site survey to discuss your requirements further!

For more information and help, do not hesitate to contact one of the experienced team who would be more than happy to talk you through various options to suit your needs.