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Bikes have become a regular mode of transportation and it is evident that many more people choose to cycle to work, schools and other places.

Some bicycles aren’t cheap and with thefts on the increase people are looking to keep their investment safe, which is one of the main reasons why a lockable cycle compound would provide an effective solution both for staff and the general public.

Introducing such a bike storage solution will provide added peace of mind and encourage those to bring their bikes more often.

Cycling is something which is encouraged more by local councils in order to reduce traffic congestion and also to increase public health.

This is something which the BPSA (Bike Parking and Security Association) really encourages. The organisation has ambitious targets to meet with regards increasing the number of people using bikes.
Key benefits of cycle compounds

Provides a safe and secure designated cycle storage area for people to park their bikes
Give bicycles protection from the weather and keeps the bicycles dry preventing rust
They are normally modular in design and so can be extended at a later stage in order to accommodate extra bikes on site
The Perspex PETG glazing panels provide impact and weather resistance and are UV stable so do not yellow with exposure to sun light
The cycle stands or Sheffield toast rack hoops are bolted to the ground so that the bikes can be locked by chain or the cycle compound gates are locked preventing anyone to enter.

Here at Tamstar, we offer high quality, affordable cycle compound options that can be manufactured and installed to meet most requirements. Plus we offer different variations and multiple sizes to accommodate from 10 to 100 bikes and more.

Please contact one of our dedicated sales team who can talk you through various options.

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