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An overview of security bollards UK

The significance of safety and security has increased these days and because of this, the need for security bollards has become more of a priority. Essentially, bollards are verticals posts that provide anti-collision defence and can be made of different materials, like plastic and iron. Even though their function is for security reasons, they can also be found to make landscapes more appealing, set boundaries for properties/areas, and traffic control.

In addition, the bollards can be permanently fitted or even removable, depending on their use of them. The bollards that are fixed can be either fitted to the existing ground or can be attached to a new foundation whereas the removable bollards can be attached to mounting systems.

Different types of security bollards

Here are a few examples of security bollards to choose from:

  • Permanent bollards – Just like it says in the name, these bollards are permanent, they are made to be durable, secure, and long-lasting.
  • Removable bollards – This type of bollard can be removed at any time, whether you need extra space or there is no need to use them.
  • Retractable bollards – A retractable security bollard is installed into the ground allowing or preventing entries to the building. If they are not needed, they are collapsed into the ground but if need to be used, they are pulled back up.
  • Flexible bollards – Flexible bollards are used to help control traffic management. They are made from a flexible material to ensure they return to the original shape if any impacts occur.

All the above bollard options can also come with high vis reflective strips.

Where can you install A bollard?

The common places where you can install security bollards are:

  • On streets
  • Driveways
  • The surroundings of buildings
  • Certain famous landscapes
  • Majority of building entrances
  • Outside restaurants, offices, hotels, supermarkets, stadiums, shopping centres
  • Car parks

The benefits of security bollards

  • Controls traffic

Traffic bollards have a key role in traffic management such as road closures and traffic diversion.

  • Road safety

Another great use for bollards is road safety.  This signals drivers for upcoming high curbs, narrow roads, or increasing flow in high traffic.

  • Security for buildings

Installation of bollards helps buildings like schools, banks, and museums reduce the risk of a vehicle damaging these types of properties whether it was an accident or intentional.

  • Prevent mounting the sidewalk

Many people resort to parking on the curb when parking is short. Therefore, the bollards limit people from damaging the curbs or blocking the pathway.

  • Protecting the pedestrians

When there are places or areas where it is crowded by both pedestrians and vehicles, like crosswalks or busy street corners, this is when pedestrian bollards are important. It helps keep them safe from vehicles.

In addition, when it comes to choosing your bollard, there is a variety of different sizes, colours, and designs to choose from. As well as this, you have a chance to select different styles or designs for the top of the bollard. This makes the security bollards more appealing and helps the surroundings have an interesting look.

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