Cycle lockable security shelter 20-100 bikes omega

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Product name: Omega compound
Product code: CC1-20
Price: AOR
Estimated delivery time: 5-6 weeks

Modular system from 20 cycle capacity up to 100+ with rack system included
Comes galvanised as standard with an optional polyester powder coating to give extra durability and a nice colour finish
4mm clear Petg glazing to roof and sides providing impact resistance and UV protection
Onsite assembly and installation service available

Weight 400 kg
Dimensions 4100 × 4800 mm


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Where can I position a cycle shelter?

It is advisable to locate your cycle shelter in a flat level area, ideally concrete. It should also be easily accessible for users and for security reasons be clearly visible.

How will I receive my cycle shelter?

Our range of bike shelters are delivered flat packed on a pallet. Please make sure there is sufficient access and space at your site when our delivery vehicle comes to offload the pallet.

How do I assemble a cycle shelter?

Tamstar flat packed shelters include fully assemble instructions and will normally require at least 2 competent people to assemble and install. You will also require a range of relevant tools to complete the installation to the required standard.

Does Tamstar offer an on-site installation service?

For most areas in the UK, we can offer an experienced contractor to install your cycle shelter.

How long will it take to assemble a cycle shelter?

This will depend on the size and type of shelter, but on average it will normally take approximately 6 hours. This does not include time for any ground preparation.

Does the cycle shelter come with cycle or scooter stands?

All our cycle shelter range can be supplied with industry standard Sheffield toast rack and scooter stands.

Are the cycle shelters lockable?

For added security and peace of mind, we also offer a range of lockable bike security compounds with front and side access.

How can I apply for the travel plan budget?

You may want to apply for funds via your local authority or contact the Sustrans charity team who have a wealth of experience in providing information on school travel plan budgets and can help you implement a successful action plan catering for your specific needs. Please visit

Similar to our Omega Half cycle compound shelter, our Omega compound is a fully secure and guarded cycle storage with cycle stands included to keep your bikes protected when not in use. This is also a good option for educational institutions and large organisations.

Due to the modular design, the Omega cycle compound has the capacity for 20 to 100 or more bicycles. It is available in different colours with an optional polyester coating or comes with a standard galvanised finish. The glazing panels, for the roof and sides are 4mm clear PETG providing impact resistant and UV protection.

You can position your cycle compound where you think is suitable, but it is advisable to locate your cycle shelter in an area where the ground has a flat level, ideally concrete. It should be easily accessible and clearly visible to both users and security staff.

Furthermore, if you do not wish to use our experienced contractors to install your cycle storage, you can assemble the cycle shelter with the fully assemble instructions provided. Which will normally require a minimum of 2 people to install. Also, you will need a range of relevant tools to complete the installation.

The time it will take to assemble a cycle compound will depend on the size and type of shelter, however, on average it will normally take approximately 8 hours. You may need to consider extra time for ground preparations if required.

With our range of cycle compounds, we include industry standard Sheffield toast racks, bike stands, and scooter stands. Moreover, our cycle compounds have lockable gates with side access for added reassurance and protection.

We also offer cycle shelters; our most popular shelter is the Astro 10 bike cycle shelter. For more information on our Astro cycle shelter, please click here.

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