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Smoking and Vaping Shelter 4 Person Polaris

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Product name: Polaris Smoking Shelter
Product code: S2SC8
Product dimensions: 2000x1000x2200mm (LxDxH)
Estimated delivery time: 5 days         

Polaris Smoking Shelter Bury

Smoking & Vaping Shelter 4 Person

Our Polaris free standing smoking shelter is UK manufactured using heavy duty industrial steel box section which comes galvanised as standard with an optional polyester powder coating also available. The powder coating gives the prefabricated smoking shelter extra durability and a nice aesthetically pleasing colour finish which can match your existing colour theme.

The glazing panels are 3mm Perspex clear petg as this provides our open fronted smoking shelter a level of impact resistance from the elements as well as UV protection.

According to the smoking shelter regulations in UK any shelter must not be more than 50% enclosed therefore all our budget smoking and vaping shelters are fully compliant ensuring they conform to meet the requirements of the current legislation.

Our smoking shelter kits have base plate feet that are height adjustable for ease of mounting onto uneven surfaces and can be fixed to a solid concrete base or pocket foundations.
Your order will also come with easy to follow assembly instructions and a ground anchor bolt fixing kit ideal for solid concrete

Our smoking shelter optional extras include:

Mountable ashtray
Free standing cigarette bin
Wall mounted stainless steel cigarette bin
Smoking area sticker
Vaping area sticker
Smoking shelter benches

The optional bench slats are low maintenance 100% recycled plastic profiles, which are virtually maintenance-free and easy to clean. The steel support frame is galvanised steel with black polyester colour coat.

We offer free delivery on all products to mainland UK all other areas incur a surcharge.
If required we also offer a shelter assembly and installation service using one of our experienced contractors
Recycled benches are delivered flat pack with instructions for easy self-assembly

If you have any issues or questions about our smoking shelters, or any of our other products, please get in touch with us here.

To see the benches we are able to provide, please click here.

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Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 2000 × 1000 × 2200 mm
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Colin Andrews

One year on and we have found the shelter to be a very solid structure. The use of bolts instead of “self-tapping” screws in the structure goes a long way to giving it strength. Good paint finish and good value for money.It replaced a shelter costing 25% more which lasted until the first firm wind came along. Less than 2 months.

Caitlin Highfield

Wonderful team to work with, products are good quality, affordable and they are extremely reliable and try their best to help in urgent situations. Would highly recommend. Thanks to the team at Tamstar.

John Scholes

Received smoking shelter for my business, excellent services and superb quality in the shelter, delivered on time and cleaned up after the installation, very impressed would recommend the company tamstar.

Paul McCann

Superb experience all-round and at a better price than the rest of the competition too!

Where does the smoking ban apply?

Any enclosed or substantially enclosed workplace where more than one person works public transport, taxis, company vehicles any enclosed or substantially enclosed public places.

What are the Exceptions?

Your own house if not used as a work place designated smoking rooms in care homes, hospices, hotel bedrooms, private vehicles and adult prisons.

What signs if any will be required?

By law all premises must display a no smoking sign with the standard red symbol in a prominent position at each entrance of the building. The sign being a minimum of 148x210mm and the no smoking symbol at least 75mm in diameter. For company vehicles the standard international no smoking symbol should be used.

Do I need to provide a smoking shelter for employees?

The law does not require for you to provide an outside designated smoking area for employees or vistors who smoke. However it is recommended that a covered area is provided giving smokers protection from the weather and keeping areas clean.

Will I require planning permission?

You will not normally be required to apply for full planning consent. A company may be required to submit outline plans to the local authority for reviewing. It is recommended that you seek advice from your local authority with regards to planning permission if you are unsure in anyway.

What does substantially enclosed mean?

At least 50% of the smoking area must be permanently open to the flow of air.

Where do I position shelter?

You should locate the shelter at least 1.5m away from the existing building in order to allow for the flow of fresh air through all sides of the shelter. It is also recommended that you choose a location where there may be less wind effects.

How do I assemble a shelter?

The flat packed shelter should include assembly instructions and will normally require at least 2 people to assemble you also require certain tools in order to complete the installation.

How long will it take to assemble a shelter?

This will depend on the size and type of shelter, but on average it will normally take between 4-6 hours. This does not include time for any ground preparation.

How will I receive my shelter?

If not delivered and assembled by ourself you will receive shelters flat packed on a pallet. Please make sure there is sufficient access and space at your site when a wagon/transport vehicle comes to offload the pallet.

Do I need to provide a cigarette bin?

There is no legal requirement, however having a cigarette bin will greatly control cigarette litter and preserve the image of the company/organisation. If any of your visitors, employees, customers drop cigarette butts in a public place they could have a fine imposed under the Environment Protection Act 1990. The maximum fine for such an offence is £2500

In today’s workplace landscape, creating a conducive environment for both smokers and non-smokers is essential. With regulations tightening around smoking in public places and workplaces, it’s imperative for businesses to adapt. Ultimately, Tamstar presents the solution with the Smoking and Vaping Shelter 4 Person Polaris.


Regulations and your Smoking and Vaping Shelter 4 Person Polaris

Understanding the regulations surrounding smoking bans is crucial. The ban encompasses enclosed or substantially enclosed workplaces, public transport, taxis, and company vehicles, among other public places. However, exceptions exist, including designated smoking rooms in certain establishments and private vehicles.

As a business owner, you may wonder about your responsibilities regarding smoking shelters for employees. While the law doesn’t mandate it, providing a covered area for smokers is recommended. As a result, this offers protection from weather elements and maintaining cleanliness.


Planning and Designing

Navigating planning permission can be daunting, but in most cases, full consent isn’t required. Seeking advice from local authorities is prudent, especially regarding outline plans and shelter positioning.

Positioning the shelter correctly is paramount, ensuring at least 50% openness for air flow and locating it 1.5m away from buildings. Assembling the shelter is a straightforward process, albeit requiring at least two individuals and several tools. Depending on size and type, assembly typically takes 4-6 hours.

Upon delivery, shelters arrive flat-packed on pallets, necessitating sufficient access and space for unloading. Additionally, while not legally mandated, providing cigarette bins aids in controlling litter and upholding the company’s image. So, make sure to consider potential fines under the Environment Protection Act 1990 for improper disposal.


Smoking and Vaping Shelter 4 Person Polaris Installation

Creating a smoke-free environment not only aligns with legal requirements but also promotes employee health and well-being while enhancing the company’s reputation. With Tamstar’s Smoking and Vaping Shelter 4 Person Polaris, businesses can navigate smoking regulations seamlessly. As a result, this fosters a healthier workplace for all.

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