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Hemlock Open Top Outdoor Litterbin

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Product name: Hemlock open top
Product code: LB4
Dimension (H x dia): 810 x 520mm
Capacity: 90L
Estimated delivery time: 7 days

Highly durable polyethylene shell
Galvanised steel liner and cigarette stub plate
Easy to clean
Lock and key
Colours available: Dark Blue, Light Blue, Red, Black, Yellow, Dark Green, Light Green, Maroon, Purple, Orange
Stone effect Colours: Dark millstone, Burgundy, Emerald, Sapphire, Sandstone, Pale granite, Chestnut, Red granite, White granite
Please note: Black colour option made from recycled plastic 

Extras: Ground fixing bolts, Internal steel base plate & fixing bolts, Pre-drilled paving flag & fixing bolts

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 1130 mm


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Hemlock Open Top Outdoor Litterbin

Here at Tamstar our Hemlock Open Top Outdoor Litterbin 90L has an open top design, meaning no top lid. This is an ideal rubbish bin for school playgrounds to withhold a large amount of litter. It has a galvanised steel liner, polyethylene body shell and includes a lock and key. Also, the litterbin is easy to clean and is available in a wide range of colours.


Benefits of outdoor playground bins:

  • There will be less rubbish on the floor indoors and outdoors at school
  • It will make the caretaker’s job easier
  • The school atmosphere and premises will be much cleaner inside and outside
  • The safety and health of students and staff will increase and improve
  • It encourages children or young adults to dispose of their litter
  • Educating children on how to keep the environment clean is important, which will also result in reducing carbon footprint, pollution, and releasing toxic chemicals.

How to reduce littering

Nonetheless, you can ensure all litter goes in the waste bins and not on the floor. Encouraging people to use the litter bins provided is simple, if you consider these 4 steps:

  1. Promote recycling and anti-littering with posters and campaigns around the school or include talks in lessons and assemblies. Make them fun and interesting, so children and students are not bored and will retain the information.
  2. You must double-check that you have the correct sized bins for the relevant locations because the wrong size of litter bins can still cause people to litter.
  3. To manage effective litter control, it is key to locate the bins in the correct and suitable areas
  4. Making sure there are enough of them in populated areas is very important to minimise piles of rubbish

Besides school litterbins, we provide a range of school playground recycled plastic furniture, like benches, seats, picnic tables and table sets. For more information on our school playground furniture, please click here

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