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Wayfarer Outdoor Litterbin 90L

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Product name: Wayfarer
Product code: LB1
Dimension (H x dia): 1130 x 520mm
Capacity: 90L
Estimated delivery time: 7 days

Highly durable polyethylene shell
Galvanised steel liner and cigarette stub plate
Easy to clean
Lock and key
Colours available: Dark Blue, Light Blue, Red, Black, Yellow, Dark Green, Light Green, Maroon, Purple, Orange
Stone effect Colours: Dark millstone, Burgundy, Emerald, Sapphire, Sandstone, Pale granite, Chestnut, Red granite, White granite
Please note: Black colour option is made from recycled plastic 

Extras: Ground fixing bolts, Internal steel base plate & fixing bolts, Pre-drilled paving flag & fixing bolts

Weight 23.5 kg
Dimensions 1130 mm


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Wayfarer Outdoor Litterbin 90L

Our Wayfarer Outdoor Litterbin 90L, is the perfect choice for schools, colleges, and universities. As they consist of some of the untidiest people. They are extremely busy places and therefore are able to generate a large amount of litter throughout the day.

A major cause of littering at schools and other outdoor places is a lack of school playground litter bins. The temptation to throw litter on the floor can often be a high possibility. Especially if the journey to the litter bins is too far. In addition, playground bins filling up too quickly are also a cause for littering. In particular, as people will continue to use the bin, even if it is overflowing, making a full litter bin nothing more than a pile of rubbish

Here at Tamstar, our Wayfarer Outdoor Litterbin 90L is an ideal litterbin to be placed around school outdoors, even indoors. It has a galvanised steel liner, polyethylene body shell and includes a lock and key. Also, the litterbin is easy to clean and will be delivered within a week.


Outdoor Litterbin 90L Wayfarer

There are many types of litter bins available. Free-standing bins, wall-mounted bins, hooded top bins, opened topped bins and kids-related styles. For example, pencil-shaped litter bins are all just a few good recommendations of playground bins we are able to provide for all educational institutions.

At Tamstar, we know that we can provide a range of highly durable, cost-effective outdoor school litterbins that will exceed your expectations, with various sizes, colours, and designs to choose from.



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