Cycle Compounds

Protecting Cyclists  Bikes

Cycle Compounds: Cycling has become increasingly popular in the UK, with approximately 7.5 million people in England actively participating in Cycling. Whether it’s for sport, leisure, or traveling the workplace, every cyclist wants to know that their bike can be left in a safe place. And they will be able to return to their bike in the same condition as they left it in this cycle compound. That’s why providing secure cycle compounds on your property can offer peace of mind. In addition to a sense of security to any staff, students or members of the public who cycle to your location.


As we have aforementioned, cycling is becoming progressively more popular. However, people aren’t just talking to the saddle for sport and leisure. Cycling is becoming a more widespread mode of transport, for children and adults alike.  
Around 99% of children have a bike and studies show that regardless of the fact that a lot of these children want to cycle to school. In fact, only a small percentage actually do. Encouraging a child to cycle instead of using other modes of transport can have many advantages. Cycling actually encourages independence. Whether they’re old enough to make the commute to school alone or their parents are keeping a watchful eye behind them. Then cycling enables them to feel as though they’re taking themselves to school. This can be very rewarding for a child and can actually benefit them in the classroom. Cycling can increase communication skills, teamwork, and confidence. As well as help a child to master working independently. What’s more, cycling also has massive physical and mental benefits for children! Encouraging children to be more active is extremely important. Not only can cycling increase a child’s physical fitness, but it’s also an excellent way for them to start their morning! Additionally, another huge benefit to ditching a car for a bike is that cycling has environmental benefits. Not only does cycling stop you from being stuck in heavy traffic whilst dropping your child off at school, but it also aids the environment by lowering emissions! In addition to helping the environment, cycling can also help to line your pockets. As you won’t have to spend on fuel costs!