Tamstar Cycle Shelters & Accessories

Cycle Shelters & Accessories

Tamstar Cycle Shelters & Accessories

Schools, workplaces, leisure centres, transport hubs, these are just a few places you would expect to see Cycle Shelters & Accessories. As town and city centres become more environmentally friendly, the more common Cycle Shelters become.

However, this does pose the question: would they be standard if there were more secure cycle storage facilities? Choose the most sustainable option by cycling to and from work, and keep your bike secure in a Tamstar Cycle Shelter. Not to mention that it will keep you in shape too.

Tamstar specialise in many different shelters and storage facilities for schools, workplaces and much more. We supply an array of outdoor management products, being the lead suppliers of smoking shelters in the UK. Keep your premises as safe and hygienic as possible with our products!

Keep your visitors bikes as Secure as possible

Cycle Storage is becoming increasingly popular and will soon be a standard for every work place. The better quality of the Bicycle Stands, the more likely people will use them. So, encourage your employees to ride the bike to minimalise carbon emissions and invest in a Tamstar Cycle Shelter.

One place in which Cycle Storage is especially important is Schools. For instance: Cycle Shelters for Primary Schools are a must, because they are often used by students and teachers. A school cycle shelter will also need to be secure, with the number of bikes they will have to store.

Security will always be the priority with cycle shelters, and fortunately this is where we thrive. Offering the highest quality, most durable materials at the most reasonable prices, Tamstar ensure the best of both worlds. Your employees or students will have peace of mind for the optimised security, which come with Tamstar Cycle Storage UK.

Our Cycle Storage Options

You would think that cycle shelters were quite straight to the point products. However, there is still a lot to consider. Firstly, it’s important to note that dimensions are never a limit or restriction with Tamstar, so you can plan for what you need.

In terms of material, our Cycle Storage UK products have been manufactured to be hard-wearing and weather-resistant. Being made of galvanised steel, you can choose from a range of different coloured finishes. Ideal for cycle shelters for Primary Schools, with many schools pairing the colour of the bike shelter with the uniform.

As well as this, you get the choice of any add-ons and accessories to get the most out of your Cycle Shelters. This means any specialised bicycle stands, scooter stands, bike sheds, you name it and we have it. Tamstar aim to bring you the most secure cycle storage on the market.

Get in Touch about Cycle Shelters & Accessories

Now that you have decided to invest in a Cycle Shelter, contact Tamstar, today. The team can get started on planning your Cycle Shelters, Cycle Compounds, before manufacturing them to fit your needs. You, or those that bike to the building will never have to worry about Cycle Storage again!

Alternatively, even if you are unsure, giving us a call can still be worth it. Tamstar can give recommendations, professional advice and more to set you in the right direction.

For us to pursue any of your enquiries, contact Tamstar by clicking here.

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