Recycled Plastic Furniture Manufacturer

Recycled Plastic Furniture Manufacturer 1

Recycled Plastic Furniture Manufacturer

Recycled plastic can have many uses, due to their versatile attributes, recycled plastics are used to create a range of items. This is such as packaging, bags, car components, building materials, paint pots and even furniture. Tamstar are a Recycled Plastic Furniture Manufacturer in which make the most out of recycled materials.

In fact, approximately 2,290,000 tonnes of plastic are sent for recycling every year. So it isn’t unexpected that a lot of this material can end up in the hands of a Recycled Plastic Furniture Manufacturer.

Recycled garden furniture UK – how sustainable is it?

The use of plastics is still on the rise, despite people’s efforts to spread awareness on the need to cut back on their plastic usage and ensure proper recycling takes place. As increased plastic waste has proven to be more challenging to dispose of. Recycling can minimise waste going to landfills which would otherwise take many years to decompose.

In 2022, sustainability has become a popular topic and the desire for recycled garden furniture and other outdoor items has grown massively. Recycled products can have a healthier carbon footprint than its conventional counterparts.

Is recycled plastic a green option in 2022

Plastic can be considered more sustainable than common furniture materials in numerous ways. For example, plastic production uses less energy and leads to fewer carbon emissions than the production of materials like metal.

However, as well as people opting for recycled plastic furniture in the UK out of morality, the influence of sustainability has also created a desire for the aesthetic that comes with recycled plastic. With more awareness being brought to light about the benefits of using recycled materials, sustainability has influenced design trends. Therefore this results in the popularity of many sustainable materials.

Benefits of recycled plastic garden furniture

UK recycled plastics are becoming common in the manufacture of furniture products, as more people are becoming aware of the benefits in comparison to using traditional materials, such as wood. As we have already mentioned, they’re an eco-friendly, sustainable option that is better for the environment and helps to reduce carbon footprint.

However, the advantages of this alternative medium don’t stop there. Another reason for plastic mixed waste becoming more popular is due to the finished products being highly durable and weatherproof.

As we all know the weather can be unkind in the UK. Subsequently, rain and wind can take their toll on outdoor furniture. Recycled Plastic doesn’t rot, crack or splinter and lasts at least 5 times longer than treated wood!

As a result of Recycled plastics durability, this alternative furniture material is also very low maintenance. It is estimated that recycled plastic furniture can last 50 years or more without any upkeep. Allowing recycled plastic garden furniture to be cheaper in the long run compared to wood products due to its extremely low maintenance costs.

Tamstar – Recycled Plastic Furniture Manufacturer

Here at Tamstar, we offer a variety of designs of high quality, affordable recycled plastic furniture options . For instance this includes benches, seats, picnic benches and table sets.

So please contact one of our dedicated sales team who can talk you through various options.

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