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£349.00£399.00 + VAT

Product code:SD111
Dimension (L x W x H): 1500 x 600 x 850mm
Price (ex vat): 399.00
Product code: SD112
Dimension (L x W x H): 1500 x 600 x 650mm
Price (ex vat): 379.00
Product code:SD113
Dimension (L x W x H): 1500 x 600 x 450mm
Price (ex vat): 359.00
Product code: SD114 (End table)
Dimension (L x W x H): 1500 x 600 x 320mm
Price (ex vat): 349.00
Lead time: 14 days
Special offer: Buy 2 or more & save 10%
• Heavy duty, durable, will not rot, chip or crack
• Virtually maintenance free – no paint or varnish required
• Delivered flat pack for self assembly
• Feet included for embedding in ground
• Vandal, insect and animal resistant
• Colour does not fade
• Ideal for nursery play areas & playgrounds
• Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic in Brown/Green colour

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 1500 × 600 × 850 mm
Playground dimensions

1500x600450mm, 1500x600x320mm (end table), 1500x600x650mm, 1500x600x850mm

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Discover Tamstar‘s Recycled Flow Table, where innovative design meets endless possibilities for children’s play and exploration in playgrounds and outdoor environments. In fact, our recycled flow table is a unique addition to any outdoor space. Ultimately, this provides children with a dynamic sensory experience that fosters creativity, collaboration, and hands-on learning.

So, let’s dive into the world of interactive play and why this Table is the perfect choice for outdoor fun.


Key Features of the Recycled Flow Table

Sustainable Design: Crafted from high-quality recycled materials, our flow table is not only durable and long-lasting but also environmentally friendly. By using recycled materials, we help reduce waste and minimise our environmental footprint. This thus makes a positive impact on the planet while providing children with a safe play experience.

Interactive Water Flow: The Recycled Flow Table features a unique design. This allows children to manipulate the flow of water using channels, gates, and barriers. By experimenting with different configurations, children can observe the effects of gravity, pressure, and surface tension. Therefore, this provides opportunities for hands-on learning and scientific exploration.


Optimised Design

Versatile Usage: In addition to water play, the Recycled Flow Table can also be used for sensory activities, messy play, and small-world play. Its versatile design makes it a versatile addition to any outdoor space. So, this provides endless opportunities for creative play and exploration.

Safety First: At Tamstar, safety is our top priority. That’s why the Recycled Flow Table is designed with rounded edges, smooth surfaces, and non-toxic finishes, so ensures a safe and enjoyable play experience for children of all ages. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are playing in a secure and child-friendly environment.

Easy Maintenance: This is quite simply designed for easy maintenance, with a smooth surface that can be quickly wiped clean after use. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, even in outdoor environments where exposure to the elements is common.


Benefits of the Recycled Flow Table

Promotes Sensory Exploration: The interactive water flow of the Recycled Flow Table provides children with a sensory-rich experience that stimulates their senses and encourages exploration. By observing the movement of water and experimenting with different configurations. Ultimately, children develop an understanding of basic scientific principles and concepts.

Fosters Creativity: The open-ended nature of this Table encourages children to use their imagination and creativity to create unique water courses and landscapes. Whether they are building dams, redirecting streams, or floating boats. This specific table thus provides endless opportunities for imaginative play and experimentation.


Additional Positives

Encourages Collaboration: Playing with the Recycled Flow Table promotes collaboration and teamwork among children as they work together to design and build water courses. By sharing ideas, communicating effectively, and problem-solving collaboratively. Resultingly, children will develop important social skills and learn the value of cooperation.

Supports Cognitive Development: Manipulating the flow of water in the Recycled Flow Table requires children to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they plan and execute their designs. By engaging in hands-on experimentation and observation. As a result, children develop important cognitive skills such as spatial awareness, cause-and-effect reasoning, and prediction.

Connects Children with Nature: This table provides children with a direct connection to the natural world. So, this allows them to explore the properties of water and learn about the water cycle in a hands-on, experiential way. By fostering an appreciation for nature and the environment, the flow table thus encourages environmental stewardship and conservation.


Applications of the Recycled Flow Table

Playgrounds: Enhance outdoor play spaces in schools, parks, and recreational areas with the Recycled Flow Table. As a result, this provides children with a dynamic sensory experience that promotes creativity, collaboration, and hands-on learning.

Day care Centres: Create engaging outdoor environments for young children in day care centres and early learning facilities with this Table. Therefore, this offers opportunities for sensory-rich play, scientific exploration, and social interaction.

Community Centres: Transform community parks, playgrounds, and outdoor recreation areas with the Recycled Flow Table. So, this provides children of all ages and abilities with a fun and inclusive play experience that fosters creativity, curiosity, and discovery.


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