Recycled Plastic Seat 4 Person Elder

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5 Years Warranty

Product name: Elder seat
Product code: GG203 (4 person)
Estimated delivery time: 7 days

Highly durable, will not rot, chip or crack
Virtually maintenance-free no paint or varnish required
100% recycled plastic profiles in black
UK manufactured
Delivered fully assembled with ground fixing bolts
Colours available: Dark Blue, Light Blue, Red, Black, Yellow, Dark Green, Light Green, Maroon, Purple, Orange
Stone effect Colours: Dark millstone, Burgundy, Emerald, Sapphire, Sandstone, Pale granite, Chestnut, Red granite, White granite
Please note: 100% recycled plastic profiles are only available in Black. Seat ends and bottom supports are made from recyclable plastic

Extras: Ground fixing kit for grass

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 2050 × 620 × 840 mm
Seat dimensions



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Does the furniture come fully assembled?

Most of our range of recycled plastic furniture will be delivered fully assembled with the exception of our blackthorn range which is delivered flat packed.

How will I receive my furniture?

You will normally receive your fully assembled furniture on a pallet. Please ensure there is sufficient access and space at your site when the delivery vehicle comes to offload the pallet. For added convenience and to avoid missed deliveries we ask the local delivering depot to make contact and book in the delivery with our customers.

Is the furniture recyclable?

Yes, the furniture profiles are fully recyclable making them a great eco-friendly alternative to using other traditional materials.

How long does the furniture last?

We are confident our recycled plastic furniture will provide you many years of use as the profiles are made with strength and durability in mind. Our profile warranties range from 5 to 20 years.

What material is the furniture made from?

Most of our recycled products are made from recycled plastic mixed waste, therefore reducing the amount of plastic going to landfill sites.

How long does it take to assemble the flat pack furniture?

Depending on the type of furniture product, it may take 1-2 people approximately  30 to 60 minutes.

What tools are required for assembly?

You will usually require just a hexagonal socket set to tighten the nylon nuts.

Does the flat pack furniture include fixings?

Yes, all flat pack options come with easy to use assembly instructions and fixing kit.

The Recycled Plastic Seat 4 Person by Elder is a high quality, extremely durable seat that fits up to 4 people.   It is a great product for any outdoor settings as it is weatherproof and impact resistant. Therefore it will not chip, crack, or rot.

This recycled plastic furniture is virtually maintenance free, so no paint or varnish is required. It is manufactured in the UK, using 100% recycled plastic profiles and will be delivered fully assembled with ground fixing bolts.

Also, the recycled plastic playground bench is available in a huge wide range of colours. From dark colours, such as dark green, dark blue and black to bright colours, like yellow and orange. We even offer a variety of stone effect colours, for instance, emerald, sapphire, and chestnut.


How is recycled plastic furniture made?

The production of recycled plastic products is a process that involves:

  • Collecting and gathering recyclable plastic from houses, organisations, and institutions
  • Organising and grouping the different plastic items and types
  • Rinsing away any dirt or other impurities so that it is clean
  • Shredding the plastic types to break down the material into other pieces
  • Extruding the shredded plastic to form thermoplastic pellets


Lastly, the final process is the recycled plastic furniture manufacturers will heat these pellets until molten. And pour them into moulds to form recycled plastic furniture pieces ready to use.


Tamstar Recycled Plastic Seat 3 Person by Larch

In addition, as recycled plastic is a material that can easily be moulded into different shapes and sizes. It can also come in different forms of colours to make your recycled plastic furniture more pleasing to the eye. Thus, making recycled plastic a great option as a material for outdoor furniture suited to playground, parks and such.

So for more information and details on our other recycled products. Please click here.



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