Clear Perspex Plastic Acrylic Sheet Multi-Purpose 5mm

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UK manufactured branded new pre-cut to size panels from stock with protective film both sides
Perspex plastic sheet offers good impact resistance along with UV stabilisation properties so will not yellow
The sheets are easy to work with and can be cut down to required size with suitable cutting tool/saw blade furthermore, they can be drilled, routed

Replacement glazing for greenhouses, sheds, playhouses
Signs & displays
Point of sale
Home décor

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 5 mm
Sheet size

1000x500mm, 1220x610mm, 610x610mm


Chris Morgan

Great service from this company, fully recommend!

What colour options of perspex do you offer?

As an official distributor of genuine branded perspex, we can offer a wide range of colour options.

Do you offer a cutting service for specific sizes?

We currently only offer a straight cut service for all our plastic sheets, subject to minimum order quantities.

What thickness of sheet options do you have in stock?

Our range of clear perspex sheets are mainly sold in 3mm and 5mm thickness. Also, we offer impact resistant polycarbonate sheets in 2mm thickness.

How will I receive my perspex sheets?

Perspex sheet orders are packed using corrugated card and are delivered using reputable delivery couriers.

How easy is it to cut perspex or polycarbonate sheets?

Our range of standard sized plastic panels are easy to work with and are normally cut to size using a fine blade jigsaw or suitable cutting tool.

To begin with, interestingly enough, Perspex is a brand name for the acrylic sheet. So, Acrylic is the material and is a commonly used name for Polymethyl Methacrylate or PMMA. Clear Perspex Plastic Acrylic Sheet Multi-Purpose 5mm is used every day and thus produced by many manufacturers worldwide.


What can you use Perspex Acrylic Sheet Multi-Purpose 5mm sheets for?

  • Shed windows
  • Roof windows
  • Screen guards
  • Signs and displays
  • Kitchen and bathroom splashbacks
  • Furniture


How is Perspex acrylic made?

It is produced directly from monomer, cast between two sheets of high quality glass, and is polymerised in groups.


Interesting facts about Clear Perspex Plastic Acrylic Sheet Multi-Purpose 5mm

  • Perspex is actually a brand name for premium acrylic and is a global company
  • Perspex sheets is manufactured in the UK
  • Acrylic plastic sheets was first made in 1933
  • The material is well known as a better alternative to glass due to its light weight, impact resistance and safer
  • One good feature is protection from UV light
  • Plastic sheets is fully recyclable, any unwanted off-cuts can be reused or recycled
  • Acrylic sheets are more flexible, enabling you to bend into a variety of shapes
  • Perspex acrylic can be engraved using engraving machines or a laser cutter, as well as machine and route depending on your needs


Is Perspex cheaper than glass?

Acrylic sheets can be produced at half the cost of glass, helping you get the same purpose as glass but at a better price.

At Tamstar, we provide a range of high quality, affordable Perspex acrylic sheets which includes a variety of sizes, colours, and thickness.

We offer a variety of other plastic sheets as well. So for more details on polycarbonate sheets and screen guards and other sizes of Perspex acrylic sheets, please click here.



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