Outdoor Smoking Shelters & Canopy Manufacturers can help you make the right products!

Outdoor Smoking Shelters & Canopy

Outdoor Smoking Shelters & Canopy Manufacturers can help you make the right products!

An Outdoor Smoking Shelters & Canopy is standard for most businesses, especially if you have a large workforce or regular visitors. The manufacture of is a shelter is to keep both smokers and non-smokers safe and comply with safety regulations, as set out by the business.

There are many things to consider when choosing outdoor facility equipment and furniture. So, let Tamstar guide you to the outdoor smoking shelters & canopy manufacturers that’s the best fit for you.

Working within an array of settings, our team are experienced in shelter and canopy installation, guaranteeing safety and durability.

Tamstar can bring you your very own Outdoor Smoking Shelters & Canopy

Outdoor Smoking & Vaping Shelters seem basic enough, but there are quite a few factors to consider. From material to dimensions to regulations, Tamstar can work within all means – no matter the specifications.

Always ensuring you affordability and quality! Plus, our outdoor smoking shelters & canopy manufacturers, offer an incredible 5-year guarantee on our shelters.

So, where is a good place to start? Firstly, it is important to consider which type of smoking & vaping shelter you would like.

Freestanding Outdoor Shelters Choices

A Freestanding Outdoor Smoking Shelter is always effective but comes with notable regulations. A UK regulation is that the shelter can’t be any more than 50% enclosed.  As long as this is met, you can get very flexible with a design.

It is recommended that Freestanding Shelters situated 2 metres away from the building. There is no legal requirement for this, however, it best to avoid potential complaints and that air flow isn’t disrupted.

We know everything you need to know about Smoking Shelters and the various brand manufacturers in the UK. On the basis, why not visit our website to see if you can find the information you need or better still call us for help.

Consider a Wall Mounted Smoking and Vaping Shelters

Wall Mounted Smoking and Vaping Shelters are another kind of shelter, that is perfect in limited space.  These Wall Mounted Smoking and Vaping Shelters on the side of a building, act as a canopy to protect us from all weather conditions. This means they require a lot less maintenance and less attention to safety regulations.

Available in many styles, different colours and sizes. Our wall mounted smoking and vaping shelters are usually made of a galvanised steel framework and an optional polyester powder coating is available too, for extra protection. Finished with Clear Petg Glazing Panels, these ensure an exceptional resistance, with the long-term in mind.

Go the extra mile with Smoking Shelter Accessories

Tamstar, as your reliable Outdoor Smoking Shelters & Canopy Manufacturers, offer all the Smoking Shelter Accessories you could need.

Starting as basic as Cigarette Bins & Ashtrays, these are an essential to your outdoor smoking shelter. Cigarettes are the most frequently littered item in the country, making little sense when you consider the huge fines.

Standard Cigarette Bins & Ashtrays can massively lower cigarette litter, reflecting better on both the business and smokers.

Other Smoking Shelter Accessories include a Smoking Area Sticker, to clearly identify the shelter, and benches. Our Smoking Benches are 3 seaters, made up of recycled plastics, comfortability and sustainability in mind. A smoking break will relieve stress for some and if you have to stand all day, a bench would be welcomed.

Get the best outdoor smoking shelter suppliers for your business

For the most reliable Outdoor Smoking Shelters & Canopy Manufacturers, Tamstar are the team for you!  Our team of specialists offer different Outdoor Smoking Shelters, Canopies and Accessories to all types of businesses.

Tamstar have your business costs in mind, that’s why we offer the most affordable prices on the market and the most efficient installation service.

To contact our Outdoor Smoking Shelters & Canopy Manufacturers, then click here.

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