Acrylic and Perspex Sheets

If you are investing in your home, protective layers for your glass will always be a smart decision. This applies to any glass in your home, from windows to mirrors, as it’s important to protect the material. A protective layer will ensure that you get the most for your money, preventing small marks, scratches, and any potential build-ups.
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There are two main layers to choose from; acrylic sheets and clear Perspex sheets. This blog will detail the differences of Perspex Sheets and Acrylic Sheets, so you know you’re making the right choice when you come to make your purchase.

Tamstar has both Perspex sheets for sale and acrylic sheets for sale, manufactured to meet specific needs. Being a company that supplies an array of equipment and helpful accessories, for both interior and exterior use, here you can either buy an acrylic sheet or a cheap Perspex sheet – the choice is yours.

The Difference between Acrylic and Perspex Sheets

Acrylic Sheets are used as a strong plastic sheet, offering a protective layer and more clarity. Acrylic Sheets are known for being so effective, and so durable, that they almost replace the glass. There are many different types to choose from: clear, coloured, glass look, tinted, frosted, mirror, and more.

Perspex Sheets are amazing at both trapping air and are very hygienic. They have been commonly used in doctors’ offices. The sheets are designed to prevent airborne transmission of COVID-19, acting as a sneeze guard. Perspex Sheets have become increasingly popular during the Pandemic, keeping in the warmth whilst keeping the air clean.

The difference between Acrylic and Perspex sheets is that Acrylic focuses on strength, whereas Perspex focuses on airborne transmission. A Clear Perspex Sheet can look visually appealing; however, its main strength is that it is very hygienic and does an excellent job to keep your home warm and healthy. If you are looking to buy acrylic sheets or Perspex sheets, look no further than Tamstar – we offer the best prices possible.

Where to use these Sheets

Before you buy Perspex, sheets or buy acrylic sheets, it’s worth thinking about the differences and advantages of each type of sheet. So, where exactly can you use both Acrylic and Perspex sheets?

Acrylic Sheets are recommended for canopies, greenhouses, and windows. Due to being weatherproof, these sheets excel in the protection department. Being so durable, you may just get additional years out of these – especially the windows.

Perspex Sheets can be used in many different windows, appliances/ furniture, picture frames, lighting displays, and more. These can be found in so many different settings, making for a very versatile protective layer.

Tamstar’s Plastic Sheets

Tamstar has been working nationwide for plastic sheets and different exterior shelters, offering multi-purpose solutions for UK customers. We have both acrylic sheets for sale and Perspex sheets for sale, so we have a solution for your glass. Thanks to these, you may just get a few more years out of your fragile materials.

The Tamstar brand focuses on excellence of quality and price, so why not have a browse? Our website has a selection of our products, which our team has a rich knowledge of.

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