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Wood or recycled plastic?

With the use of modern technologies and a global drive to sustain our natural environment. It is evident that whether you are shopping online or going to your local garden centre, there has been an increase in a variety of garden furniture products on offer, which are made by using recycled plastic.

Although these alternative furniture items don’t quite come with the natural wood colours you would normally expect from most traditional hard woods. However, there is the distinct advantage of knowing they are more environmentally friendly and require less maintenance throughout their lifetime of use.

In an ideal world if you were to buy something made of wood, such as cedar, teak, eucalyptus, and redwood. Which are water resistant and make great outdoor furniture. However, there is still the worry about maintenance, and longevity, as you would want that product to last at least as long as the tree took to grow.

Unfortunately, we don’t think there are any wooden outdoor furniture items on the market that meet these criteria. With forest conservation at the heart of our mission most recycled plastic lumber alternatives are made up of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). Also, known as Poly-wood, it looks like real wood and has the density and durability of real wood, plus it’s versatile and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, for some furniture we can guarantee a lifetime of use. 

Why is recycled plastic better than wood?

 Further advantages of using recycled plastic:

  • As already mentioned, being eco-friendly is the biggest decision-making factor when choosing recycled plastic furniture as an alternative.

To provide a better understanding of the manufacturing process, recycled mixed waste is grinded down into small pellets which is then heated in an extrusion process. Then moulded to give a finished product that can be cut, drilled, and fixed to make various garden furniture items.

  • The life longevity of the furniture is increased as the profiles are heavy duty, offering weather resistance from rain, snow, ice. Additionally, do not discolour due to prolonged exposure to UV rays emitted by sunlight.
  • The profiles are insect resistant, therefore do not rot or chip due to damp conditions.
  • They are mould and mildew resistant.
  • For added peace of mind there is also no need to scrape, varnish or oil over a period of time, just simply give the furniture a quick wash on an annual basis.
  • Using real timber of course means that trees need to be cut down. Therefore, chopping down trees in an unsustainable manner is harmful to our environment. As we know that trees play an extremely important part in reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Comes in a variety of colours, making it perfect for all types of furniture. 

What Solutions Does Tamstar Offer

Being a company that realises the importance of where your furniture comes from, we take pride in knowing our customers are not just helping to save trees in the rainforest. They’re also taking waste out of the waste stream and keeping it out of our landfills.

It has taken years of time and research in sourcing and developing a range of products that best meet our customers’ needs, without compromising on quality as well as keeping budget in mind. In fact, you will be pleased to know that our range of recycled plastic benches are amongst the best priced products in the UK. We are confident with product prices that we even offer a price match guarantee for a like for like product and our profiles come with a whopping 20-year warranty against material defects. Some of our more popular products are not only aesthetically appealing but are cost effective too.

Our Larch seat is a popular choice mainly used as a memorial bench in parks and home garden areas at coastal locations where furniture is constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions.

We also offer a value Blackthorne range of bench, seat and picnic table which is popular with schools and industrial sites. Other industries we supply to are commercial premises, retail outlets, colleges, universities, health care and hospitals.

Within our wide selection we have the Elder recycled seat, which is high quality, extremely durable and fits up to 3-4 people. It is an excellent product for any outdoor settings as it is weatherproof and impact resistant. Additionally, comes in a variety of colours and stone effect colours.

For further details please either contact one of our experienced sales team or visit us at www.tamstar.co.uk and find out more about our other products we have to offer.

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