Can a Smaller Smoking Shelter Be a Better Choice For Your Premises?

Smoking Shelters

Installing a smaller smoking shelter can help you to comply with UK regulations. Whilst also providing a protected place for individuals who like to smoke or vape. Not only does this improve the aesthetics and presentation of your premises. It also provides a safe designated smoking or vaping space for individuals who prefer to smoke or vape.

If you are debating which size of shelter to purchase. We recommend our range of popular small smoking shelters which start from accommodating up to 4 persons.

Let’s dive into the reasons why…

To keep things simple the first thing you need to know is that we offer

3 types of smoking shelters: small, medium, and large.

To give you a better idea of size our smallest smoking shelter is approximately 2x1metres and has a starting price of just £799+VAT which includes free flat pack delivery.

The smoking shelter framework is manufactured in heavy duty galvanised steel. With the roof and sides made using clear plastic Perspex sheets that provide impact resistance and UV protection.

These plastic sheets are also a lighter alternative than using steel panels that are sometimes used.

Small smoking shelters are simple

Due to its simplicity in design, our best-selling 4-person Polaris vaping shelter comes with full assembly instructions and a fixing kit.

Using the correct tools 2 persons can usually assemble the shelter within 3 hours and locate the shelter on various level ground surfaces. ideally a solid concrete base. The shelter feet are also adjustable should the ground have some unevenness. Using specialist ground fixings, you can also bolt down to the tarmac and block paved areas.

Another reason that this product is so popular is that the shelter is normally delivered to the customer within 5 days. Which includes shelter frames that have an additional colour coating of either Blue, Black, or Green.

A large outdoor smoking shelter is slightly more complicated to build and install, with longer lead times of up to 6 weeks on manufacture. So they’re unavailable as frequently as small ones. Larger structures can consist of heavier steel beams that form the base for the structure’s walls and roof. These structures can be massive, up to 100 feet wide, and may require specialised machinery for installation.

These plastic sheets are also a lighter alternative than using steel panels that are sometimes used.

A small smoking shelter is private

If you’re looking for a way for your employees or customers to enjoy a cigarette in a safe and comfortable environment, then a small smoking shelter is the best choice.

We recommend these spaces because they are private, meaning you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing you smoking. This can be especially important if you live in an area where smoking is not permitted indoors.

A small smoking shelter is easier to keep clean

It’s also important to note that smaller smoking shelters are generally easier to keep clean than larger ones, making them more pleasant for those who prefer to smoke rather than vape.

Regarding hygiene, our free-standing cigarette bins and mountable ashtrays can also be a valuable addition to the shelter, helping keep the area clean of cigarette butts while protecting the company’s image. This ensures that people properly dispose of cigarette waste and improves the general atmosphere

You fully comply with the UK smoking laws

With the ban on smoking being in place for many years. You must inform workers and visitors to your site that they must utilise the designated areas provided.

The shelters will help your business, staff, and clients by offering specific locations for these activities. Each shelter we have manufactured is completely compliant with UK Smoking Laws. It is available in various styles to complement the décor of your business.

How can we Help?

Although we have outlined the practicality of selecting a small smoking shelter, however, if you are still debating which size of shelter to purchase and would like. To discuss your requirements in further detail, please contact us and speak to one of Tamstar’s experienced sales team, who is always happy to help.


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