Outdoor litter bin 90L wayfarer


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Product name: Wayfarer
Product code: LB1
Dimension (H x dia): 1130 x 520mm
Capacity: 90L
Estimated delivery time: 7 days

Highly durable polyethylene shell
Galvanised steel liner and cigarette stub plate
Easy to clean
Lock and key
Colours available: Dark Blue, Light Blue, Red, Black, Yellow, Dark Green, Light Green, Maroon, Purple, Orange
Stone effect Colours: Dark millstone, Burgundy, Emerald, Sapphire, Sandstone, Pale granite, Chestnut, Red granite, White granite
Please note: 100% recycled plastic profiles are only available in Black. Seat ends and bottom supports are made from recyclable plastic

Extras: Ground fixing bolts, Internal steel base plate & fixing bolts, Pre-drilled paving flag & fixing bolts

Weight23.5 kg
Dimensions1130 mm