Choosing Effective School Cycle Storage

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Cycling to Schools and Workplaces is certainly as popular as it ever has been the easiest mode of travel in highly populated areas. This is exactly why these places need effective cycle storage for sustainable travel compared to cars and public transport. No matter if you are in an urban or rural area, there will be people cycling to your workplace.

Workplaces won’t be as popular for cycling, however, if you are based in a city it is an essential. Cycling will be the most convenient travel around the city centre, especially if staff live there. So, it is certainly an important outdoor asset to have along with smoking shelters.

If you are after Cycle Storage UK or similar outdoor facilities, shop with the best in the business. Tamstar manufacture and supply different shelters, storages, and site safety facilities. Despite being based in the North West, we supply nationwide.

What makes for Effective Cycle Storage?

Cycle Storage will perform a simple function; however, you still need to consider the environment it is in. Both safety and security is provided with these, preventing theft, vandalism and giving peace of mind. With all of the many different types, models and designs of bikes of course the same applies to the shelters.

Different sizes and layouts are available, from huge stretches to small bike sheds. In terms of layout, we have a huge range, manufacturing both vertical and horizontal designs. Not to mention, the different materials and layer designs with different glazing and stronger materials available.

Above all, the actual security itself is definitely the biggest priority as this is what you are investing in. From model to model the locking functions will be different, so given the surrounding area you will need to select one. For instance, if the storage is behind fences the locks don’t need to be as thorough, whereas if its more accessible a stronger lock is needed.

Cycle Storage UK

Cycle Shelters for Schools are essential for keeping your student’s valuable bikes protected. Not only from other people but especially for harsh weather in those winter months, so consider the investment. Even the most visually appealing bike storage facilities are affordable, due to their basic designs.

In schools specifically, traffic is always very busy, both on foot and vehicle traffic. By having the right facilities, this may drastically reduce both of these, making before and after school more manageable. Overall, this will add convenience and certainly safety in school zones with much less traffic.

Not only do these shelters provide exceptional security, but they also provide an important message. Just having a bike shelter may encourage students and teachers alike, to start cycling to school. Additionally, this may bolster your school’s healthy lifestyle campaigns among both parties too.

Most Popular Cycle Shelters for Schools

Cycle Storage UK is an ever-growing industry, so there are more choices and selections than ever. But, which ones are the most popular and why?

The Large Wall Mounted Shelter is your traditional single-sided external bike storage unit, with bikes only having to lean against the wall. Your standard model will house between 8 – 10 bikes, however, other sizes are available. The opposite of these are Sheffield stands, U-Shaped stands which support the whole bike.

On the other hand, Cardiff Bike Shelters are freestanding cycle storage with two racks to fit as many bikes in as possible. There are many different finishes to choose from; in short this is the most cost efficient design on the market. Not to mention how it offers maximum weather protection and excellent security.

What other impacts can Bike Shelters have?

Bike Shelters are an excellent way of beginning your new school layout or even traffic system. Perhaps your school is very busy bike-wise, and one way of updating your school’s layout is through bike lanes. This will certainly make the surrounding area a lot safer for students, giving the school more handle on traffic.

Above all, it will be the parents and teachers who will be most thankful for this addition. Public Transport is becoming increasingly expensive so free bike storage facilities will save a lot of money. Not to mention that they aren’t entirely expensive for the school either, becoming an expected facility.

On the topic of prices, most schools can actually receive grants or different funding in order to build these. This way you aren’t investing the annual budget into something which may or may not be used. Who knows, a simple check can mean that you essentially get your cycle storage for free.

From a Corporate Perspective

Workplaces increasingly need to accommodate for staff and this definitely applies to effective bike storage. Not only can weather make for a miserable ride home, but it can cause your bike to rust. Additionally, your workplace will have more free space meaning more car parking spaces meaning your business is more accessible.

These facilities can certainly improve your company’s reputation for this consideration, especially for new customers. A Cycle Shelter UK will need to be in a very visible place and this will show customers the level of care when it comes to staff.

The most interesting solution would be combining different shelters with each other. For instance waiting shelters and bike shelters are commonly seen either combined or paired together. This brings the most convenience to your commercial property.

Tamstar Outdoor Shelter Installations

Tamstar provide a huge range of different Outdoor Shelter solutions, including cycle storage UK. We manufacture and supply all of the outdoor facilities needed for your workplace. Best of all, Tamstar aim to provide the most eco-friendly products for our UK customers.

Our products aim to make areas cleaner, safer and ultimately more convenient. All achieved by intricately designs, which work in commercial, industrial, retail, hospitals, schools and more. You certainly won’t notice that your brand-new outdoor furniture and management facilities are recycled!

Contact our team for any enquiries at all or any additional product information needed. So, begin your order with Tamstar via our website today!

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