Street & Park furniture designed and manufactured to transform outdoor spaces!

What is the meaning and need for street furniture?

In general, the term is used to describe items and equipment used by the general public in urban and outdoor areas. The furniture can include seats, benches, park benches, planters, litterbins, bollards cycle stands, bike shelters and signs.

All these items are placed randomly but they also need to have either a modern attractive design or traditional look to blend in with the surroundings as well as being durable and long lasting. Litter bins keep the community clean while plant boxes beautify the surroundings.

People tend to spend a lot of time in public places whether to relax or hang out with family and friends. Parks for example, are considered a great place to take a break and spend time meditating, socialising or relaxing . Roads, on the other hand are always busy and enhancing their safety and security with well-placed products is essential.

Products for future developments

Changing times has led to our growing and extensive range of innovative designed products which have been mainly sourced and manufactured in the UK

Although functionality has remained relatively the same we are constantly seeking new opportunities to further develop and source long lasting and durable products with most importantly sustainability in mind.

Conventional simple park benches manufactured from either iron or steel have now turned into multi-purpose items using eco-friendly recycled plastic profiles.

Overall the main purpose of any furniture is to provide comfort, safety and style.

There is also more street furniture being used for advertising purposes and some benches equipped with roofs to protect the public from weather elements.

In recent years there has been an increase in retail parks and shopping centres leading to the need for a fresh look with items being placed in more appealing strategic spots.

What other areas can the furniture be used?

Given all the qualities and benefits of street furniture, it can also be used in the following areas or sites: Universities, Colleges, Office Buildings, Parks, Construction Sites, Public Highways and Hospitals.

Here at Tamstar, we are able to provide street and park furniture across the whole of the UK. We’re based in Bury, however we can create and dispatch a whole range of products, from street furniture, to smoking shelter and even plastic sheets.