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Why choose recycled plastic furniture?

UK recycled plastic profiles have become increasingly common in the manufacture of furniture products as more people are noticing the benefits they have over using traditional materials such as wood. And more importantly, they’re an eco-friendly, sustainable option which is better for the environment and helps to reduce carbon footprint.

Other reasons for plastic mixed waste becoming more popular is due to the finished products being highly durable and weatherproof with low maintenance so no varnishing required leading to long term value.

As increased plastic waste has proven to be more difficult to dispose of, recycling can minimise waste going to landfill which would otherwise take many years to decompose.

 Recycling plastic facts –

  • 90% of people say they would recycle more if it were made easier
  • Only 45% of plastic bottles are recycled
  • Approximately a single ton of recycled plastic saves 23 cubic meters of space in a landfill, 3114 litres of oil and 20,786 megajoules of electricity
  • PET and HDPE are two of the most easily recycled plastics
  • Most domestic plastic consumers in the UK recycle less than half their plastic waste, and it makes up roughly 11% of their rubbish bins weight
  • Many of the plastics that are not easy or cost effective to recycle are designed for long-term use and can be re-purposed if they are not broken
  • Recycling creates 6 times more jobs than landfill and 36 times more than incinerating
  • Each year enough plastic is thrown away to circle the earth four times

At Tamstar, we offer various designs of high quality, affordable recycled plastic furniture options which include benches, seats, picnic benches and table sets.

Please contact one of our dedicated sales team who can talk you through various options.